List Of All Common Pets

You can learn about all of the Common Pets that are available in Adopt Me, as well as how to obtain them, as well as how to obtain Neon and Mega Neon Common Pets, by using this useful guide. There are currently twenty Common Pets available for adoption through Adopt Me, with more on the way via upcoming updates and Events.

How to Get Common Pets in Adopt Me

There are six ways you can get Common Pets in Adopt Me:

  • Hatching A Common Pet from an Egg
  • Purchasing a Common Pet Gamepass with Robux
  • Purchasing an item Gamepass with Robux and luring Common Pets
  • Exchanging limited-time currency for event-exclusive Common Pets
  • Combining limited-time items with lower-rarity Pets to make an event-exclusive Common Pet
  • Trading with other Adopt Me players

While some event-exclusive Common Pets are no longer available to purchase or hatch, you can still get all Common Pets in Adopt Me by trading with other players.

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How to Get Neon and Mega Neon Common Pets

There are also Mega Neon and Neon versions of each Common Pet. Neon Pets are hard to get because you need to combine four of the same Pet to make one. This is one of the hardest parts of Adopt Me. Because you need to combine four Neons to make one Mega Neon, it is even harder to find one of these. Even getting a single Common Pet can take a lot of time, so getting the sixteen you need for a Mega Neon will also take a lot of time.

To combine Pets and make their Neon and Mega Neon versions, you have to go to the Neon Cave. The door to the Neon Cave is right under the main bridge that connects Adoption Island and the Neighborhood.

As soon as you enter the Neon Cave, you will be tasked with placing four of the same Common Pet or Neon Common Pet on each of the small circles, after which you will need to move to the large circle in the middle of the room and press the required button that appears there. After the brief animation has finished playing, you will be given either a Neon or Mega Neon version of a Common Pet. You need to be very careful not to trade it away for Pets that have a lower value than it currently does because its value is about to significantly increase and it will now have a significantly increased trade value.

List Of All Common Pets